Get paid the safe, touch-free way with Venmo QR codes

Accepting Venmo at checkout? Let customers pay you touch-free with your unique business QR code.


How to activate your kit's QR code:

Activating your QR kit is easy! Just follow the steps that arrive with your kit.

Have questions?

Click here for quick answers on Venmo's QR kit program.

You can contact us here with any additional questions.

Have Venmo?

You'll need a Venmo account, and registered business profile to accept payments and use QR codes. Download the Venmo app to get started.

Get Venmo

Have Venmo but don't have a business profile?

You will need a Venmo business profile to generate your unique QR code and start selling to Venmo users.

Check your notifications tab in the Venmo app for an invite. If you don't see one, sign up with your Venmo email here and we'll let you know when it's available to you.